Pets and fireworks

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With Guy Fawkes Night just around the corner, here is a few hints and tips on what to do if your pet doesn't enough fireworks us much as us humans.

1. Try to walk your dog while it's still light outside. There will be less chance of fireworks going off while you're out.

2. Dogs will get sleepy after a carb heavy meal, so try to time it before the fireworks start, and they might just sleep through them.

3. Your pet might want to hide, let them. Build them a den if possible. Put a blanket over their cage if they have one. But don't lock a cat or dog in a cage as this will only distress them more.

4. Shut windows, external doors and curtains to keep out the noise. Playing a radio or having the TV on can help to minimise the fireworks too.

5. Give your pet some treats while the fireworks are going off should distract them.

6. Stay calm yourself. Your pet can tell your emotions and will react to how you behave and feel.

I hope you found these hints and tips helpful to keep you pet happy this firework season.

Your local pet photographer, Edinburgh.

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